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Wholesale Bird & Cage offers one of the largest selections of companion birds, toys, food, and your other flock needs in the St. Louis area. All at discounted prices to the public! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be more than willing to answer any of your questions and help you on your way to finding your new feathered family member, or simply spoiling your current flock rotten.

We take pride in everything we do from the stands we make, and the toys we sell to the birds we have.

The founder of Wholesale Bird & Cage has been in the bird business for 41 years. From breeding, selling, and training too rescuing, and rehoming.

We use only a couple of breeders that breed strictly for us. We inspect their facilities to ensure all the birds are being treated and cared for correctly, and they have the proper living conditions.

We are a business that truly does care about their birds, and the products for them. We will not let a bird go home with someone if we know they will not be able to provide the proper care for the bird. We carry high quality wrought iron cages to ensure your bird is in a safe cage, and can also custom order cages for your needs. Our staff is very knowlegdeable in companion birds, and their care. They can answer your questions, and help you with information on what your bird may need including help find the proper toys, food, and perches for your bird.


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